Episodes | Destinations with Doni

Welcome to the DESTINATIONS WITH DONI PODCAST: Where we Explore your Cultural Passions so you can embrace your cultural identity as we bring you tools to Live in Full Color.

Destinations with Doni Segments include:
Destination home—or CultursCASA
Destination cuisine-Including CultursCELEBRATIONS!
Destination community—Cultures. Connection with others, and Negra Como Soy (I am Afro-Latina) segments
Destination relationships—Including self-care
Destination passion — Business

Doni Aldine, EMBA, is a globally mobile Af ro-Latina and first-generation American (U.S., Trinidadian and Costa Rican Adult Third Culture Kid) who, by age 19, lived in & identified with seven cultures on five continents. As Editor-in-Chief for Culturs Global Multicultural Magazine, Aldine is passionate about creating community for cross-cultural populations. She has extensive global experience in communications, media and marketing for organizations both large and emerging. She has presented around the globe as a keynote, at conferences, at major universities & in major media outlets as an expert focused on communications, entrepreneurship, marketing, branding & cross-cultural identity. Aldine also developed university curricula for global culture identity and served on faculty in Journalism and Media Communication at Colorado State University.